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Portrait Painting. Photo converted to pencil portrait. Pencil sketch

The portrait artist is presented with a picture which he or she will then view and create a beautiful painting. Traditional portrait painting consisted of an extensive long drawn out process that can have acquired months and required hours of inconvenient sessions that stressed both the artist and the subject. Nowadays hand painting and creating a portrait from image relieves the load, reducing the time constraints on the subjects and allowing the portrait artist to work in peace in the privacy of their own studio. With the creation of the photograph to portrait paintings took back seat to the term portrait. Today more and more people are recognizing the value and elegance of hand painted portraits. Portrait artists at the moment are making use of the tools of technology and the paint brush to bring lower back the antique traditional art of portraiture. A specialized artist in portrait paintings can now create a stunning masterpiece from photo graphs whether the image is best or not so perfect. An artist who creates portrait paintings the use of the image as their subject uses the pleasant of worlds. Pets are an integral part of many families and deserve their place on the family portrait wall.

Family Portrait, portrait panting, Family paintin

Pet portrait paintings, People portraits make wonderful gifts, are joyful additions to any and the precious memorial portrait for a friend. Business and company portrait artwork is professional and attractive in any front foyer or office. Political portrait art works should be present in schools, colleges, all the class rooms. Art work conveys sophistication to any private library at the same time as a wedding ceremony or family portrait art work make best presents for any special occasion.

Portrait painting is now an amazing and gratifying process. What starts as a special photo swiftly turns into a cherished portrait to be handed down through the generations. Compare to last centuries, in recent times portraiture is all yet again a healthful and essential area within the art worldwide. Whilst there are quite some nontraditional techniques available, many artists are returning to traditional strategies to cope with present day issues and more people are painting portraits than ever. Portrait painting is now an exciting system and process for both the portrait artists and the subject.


Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum. In simple words, simplification and alteration of forms to present the essence of objects, people, or places.

Abstract Art

Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. The term “abstract art”, also called “non-objective art”, “non-figurative”, “non-representational”, “geometric abstraction”, or “concrete art” is a rather indefinite term for any painting which does not portray recognizable objects or scenes. Some art critics take the view that all art is abstract because, for instance, no painting can hope to be more than a crude summery (abstraction) of what the painter actually sees.

Air Brush

A spray attached to a generator that applies pigment evenly. Spray guns were developed from the airbrush and are still considered a type of air brush.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint containing pigment suspension in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water soluble, but become water resistant when dry. Water soluble aspect of acrylic paints means that a painting dries quickly and you do not have to use solvents to dilute the paint or for cleaning brushes or palette. But after an acrylic painting on canvas dries, the surface becomes the water resistant and canvas can be rolled up and stored with no fear of cracking or damaging. Acrylic painting for beginners, can be an exciting prospect because acrylics have so much versatility. 

Alla prima

Style of Painting where, instead of building colors up with layer, the painting is done in one session while the paint is still wet means wet-on-wet. Alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt), is a painting technique, used mostly in oil painting, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previous layers of wet paint. This technique requires a fast way of working, because the work has to be finished before the first layer have dried. It may also referred to as ‘direct painting’ or the French term au premier coup (at first stroke).

Analogous color

Analogous colors are colors that are adjacent or next to one another on a color wheel. An analogous color scheme is one in which only three adjacent colors are used. The theory is that colors work or harmonize together. Usually one of these colors is dominant, or used more than other two, in the painting.


Liquid that holds together pigment 


Tendency of some colors to show through a second layer of paint. The visual effect achieved when a dark color “bleeds” into a lighter color. 


Blending is the technique of painting colors so that there is a gentle and gradual transaction from one to the other. To blend without adding more paint, put aside the brush you have been using and use a dry, clean, soft brush to go over the paint before it’s completely dry.

Blind Contour

A blind contour drawing is a line drawing that is created without the use of constantly looking at the paper. Instead, one concentrates intensely on the item that he/she is drawing and tries to draw the many shifts of line and tangents of line seen. These types of drawings enhance one’s eye-hand coordination and create a better awareness of change of form and space.


Tone is a color term used by painters. There is a broader and a narrower definition of tone. The broader definition defines tone as a result of mixing a pure color with any neutral/grayscale color including the two extremes white and black. By this definition all tints and shades are also considered to be tones.
    The narrower definition defines tone as a result of mixing a pure color with any grayscale color excluding white and black. By this definition a certain amount of white and black must have been added to the original color.

Color Wash

A watercolor term for a flat layer of very diluted color laid across the paper. It can either be an even layer of color or a graded layer which gets lighter. In acrylic and oil painting, a wash is usually called a glaze. A glaze done with an opaque pigment is called a velatura.

Color Wheel

A color wheel (also referred to a s a color circle) is a visual representation of colors arranged according to their chromatic relationship. Being a color wheel by positioning primarily primary hues equidistant from one another, then create a bridge between primaries using secondary and tertiary colors.


Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (red and green). The high contrasted complementary colors create a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation. This color scheme must be managed well so it is not jarring.


Composition is the arrangements of the elements in or the subject matter of a painting. Done successfully, it draws in the viewer and pulls their eye across the whole painting, so that everything is taken in and finally settles on the main subject of the painting. The Elements of Composition in art are used to arrange or organize the components in a way that is pleasing to the artist and the viewer. It helps give structure to the layout and the way the subject is presented.


A contour is the line which defines a form or edge an outline. Contour drawing is the place where most beginners start, following the visible edges of a shape. The contour describes the outermost edge of a form, as well as dramatic changes of plane within the form. Contour is also called as “outline”.

Color Colors

Violets, blue-greens and blues (Colors that recede)


It is the quality of what a person does.


Reflection or Discussion when dealing with works of Art.


It is a drawing or painting in two parts. The format of the pictures may be landscape or portrate, but they will usually be the same size. It is sometimes a continuous ut divided image, or may be composed of separate, closely related image. Often you will see portaites of a couple with one person in each panel.


To apply a second color of paint on top of a first to allow the brush strokes to show through

Drawing Frame

Painting technique in which a little bit of painting is put on a dry brush. When applied it produces broken , scratchy effect

Dry Brush

Substances that are added to oil paints to hasten the drying. Quick drying pigments include umbers, siennas, ochres and flake white; slow-drying are such as alizarin crimson, ivory black and vermilion.

Dry Brush

Any liquid or a thin substance such as turpentine used to dilute. The dilute for water based media is water.


A rectangular frame crossed with threads to form squares, which the artist sets up between himself and his sitter at such a distance that his view is same as the drawing he intends to make.

Earth Colors

Colors including yellow ochre , burnt umber , raw sienna , and burnt sienna.


In oil-painting it signifies the first underpainting. It should be low in oil content to enable subsequent layers of colour to adhere properly. In oil-paintings early layers of colour should always be lean; if they are too rich and thick paint is put on top, varying speeds of drying will almost certainly cause cracking.

 Pet portrait paintings, People portraits make wonderful gifts, are joyful additions to any and the precious memorial portrait for a friend. Business and company portrait artwork are professional and attractive in any front foyer or office. Political portrait art works should be present in schools, colleges, all the class rooms. Art work convey sophistication to any private library at the same time as wedding ceremony or family portrait art work make best presents for any special occasion.  

Contemporary ArtWork

Contemporary art has gathered a lot of importance in modern families. It became probably the most generally desired home emits and it’s been recognized in every facet of human life. Contemporary artwork is currently a tool for social communication and has far reaching consequences. The increased number of persons visiting galleries exhibits obviously suggests the rise in modern artwork significance. It’s an indicator about the concessions of art among the people. Large appreciation of masses and simple understanding are the numerous reasons of success of contemporary art.

Original paintings that have been difficult to acquire in the old days, are now simple reachable by galleries, which finally increased the number of contemporary art. Contemporary art critics raised a debate that some arts should be earmarked for specific group of people. They argued that true of artwork could come from individual how can comprehend the value of an art. It is true in many cases, but an artist wants to find admiration as many individuals as possible.  Contemporary artwork will continue express publicly recognized ideas so as to acquire the utmost appreciation from the public.

There are several ways of acquiring contemporary art today.
Online auction industries are among the manners where by abstract arts, petroleum based painting, and belief arts can be purchased. Prior to making a purchase, it is essential that you do a number of homework on what artwork you need to accumulate. One way of amassing information that is required is to produce extensive research work from the World Wide Web. Cautious when purchasing a modern art work since there are lot of fakes in the market. You can create an appraiser for the artwork you’d like to buy. Online art auction usually intimate a track record of the artwork seller’s sales history and may help you determine if the sellers is a reputable person.

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